About Me

Hey there fellow food-enthusiasts and dedicated vegans!  My name is Nik and I’ve been passionate about animals my whole life (which truthfully hasn’t been that long)!

I grew up riding horses and we never had less than four pets in the house, making my whole family quite opinionated as to the importance and rights of animals! (Not that we aren’t animals. Hello, Mammals!) Although my sister and my dad are complete carnivores, my mom is a pescatarian (she eats seafood), and I am, of course, a vegan.

I have never eaten red meat in my life and, at the old wise age of 8, I decided to become a vegetarian, and shockingly my resolution lasted until the summer before middle school! Once I went back to eating chicken, I swore I’d never go back; but slowly eating chicken began to make me disgusted, nauseous, and gave me an image of a little chick crying begging me not to eat it. Although being vegan started strictly with my concern for animals, I’ve now become aware of SO many health benefits! And truthfully I’m still trying to figure it all out.

My Babies! Benny, Jojo, and Stella!

As a dancer, my body is everything and truthfully I didn’t always treat it so well. Click here for my health scare and here for my old unhealthy habits (when I was younger and first became a vegan).

I started this blog because I don’t want anyone else to make the same mistakes as I did or for anyone to take their body for granted. My mom always said her body is a temple; well my body is a crazy amusement park and deserves to be treated correctly! Life is too short to be so concerned and diligent about something you should enjoy, right? So please fellow herbivores, celebrate yourself and your body and never do what isn’t right for you. Click here for my views on “how much of what you should eat” and the “perfect diet”.

If you like me, follow me on Twitter! @NiksNibs


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